• OCD Corner Stand


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    In case you haven't noticed, I love re-purposing.  I acquired this jointed, bull nosed, walnut cut out when cleaning out a cabinet shop.  I decided, instead of cutting the piece down and making it smaller, to correct the flaws in the cuts, that I would border it, and trim in the border.  The border is hand crafted to flow with the front edge trim that I chose.  The legs are 27 years old, they are re-purposed pine spindles.  I weathered them for four years before putting them in this piece.  The tiles are custom composite tiles.  You will note the deviation of the natural outside trim on the inside corner leg.  I chose to run the trim on the inside of that leg, creating that point with the leg itself.  This part of the design, as well as the rest of it, is just the way I put my signature on my pieces. I like things different, but I like them to balance.  As every thing on this site, this is truly a unique piece crafted with integrity and love.