I have always been an artist at heart and by nature.  I also grew up the son of a master carpenter and fabricator.  Carpentry and fabrication of all types is how I made my living.  I have designed custom furniture for several Plants to take to their shows.  I learned refinishing from the best re-finisher in the business.  I was his protegee.  We received antiques from all over the country.  I have built houses, from concrete to ridge beam, and everything in between.  Including custom tile work, custom banisters, custom counter tops, and woodworking of all types.  I have also fabricated steel, planned and fabricated a hard wood mill.  So you see, when it comes to fabrication of any type, I am right at home.  So it is no surprise that when I retired, I decided to put all of these traits into my true passions, and that will always be Art.  As Art, everyone of my creations are one of a kind. So as you might guess, some pieces may be impossible to duplicate.  If others choose to copy, that is what they will have a copy.  I will take requests for themes, under contract only.  And under contract we will keep in touch so that the piece, through its phases of design are actually what you want.  After all, our goal, and the goal of most good artists, is for their public to enjoy their work.    

My wife, being the team player that she has always been, will shortly be adding her hand made jewelry to our store. So look for them in the very near future.

We will also be designing tie dye t-shirts.  Some of them I will customize with airbrush.  So please feel free to come back often.  As our business grows, you will see much more diversity in our styles and forms of Art.  I hope in the next year to be doing metal sculptures for the garden and lawn or wherever you choose to put one. 

If you will note, there is also one piece of furniture on the site.  There is always the possibility of more to come.